Our products


We make pyro-diesel from plastic waste, thus preventing it from contaminating the environment. Pyro-diesel is an environmentally friendly diesel substitute - it is almost sulphur free and has a low carbon footprint. Our efficient production process means that we are able to supply pyro-diesel at a lower cost than ordinary diesel.

Pyrolysis plants

For large-scale farmers, or indeed anyone who has a large amount of plastic waste and a demand for diesel, it makes sense to operate their own plant to avoid transportation costs. A basic plant is designed to fit inside a standard 20ft container. The shredder for plastic waste and storage tanks for fuel, water and gas will be set up outside the container. Each plant will be customised to fit the customers specifications and desired capacity.

Shredded plastic

Clean, sorted and shredded plastic that we use to operate our plants is also available for sale. Please contact us to discuss if we can fulfil your specific requirements in terms of the type of plastic and the volume.